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Flat rooftop + double-sided solar panels? Annual power generation gain exceeds 15%

Since its introduction, the LONGi PERC double-sided module has been widely used in large-scale ground power stations represented by the front runner project. It has a significant backside power generation gain relative to the single-sided module, which can bring higher power generation and System efficiency improves power plant revenue. In fact, for flat roof household and industrial and commercial projects, double-sided modules are also the best choice.

We obtained the power generation data of the project for a total of 8 months from September 2018 to April 2019. In order to evaluate the power generation effect of the project, we selected a power station adjacent to the conventional 285Wp monocrystalline module as a reference. By comparing the single-watt power generation of the two power stations each month, Longidouble-sided modules generate 13.6% more power per watt than conventional single-crystal modules. Because the local building on the roof of the project will affect the back light of the module, and the system GCR is high, so that the roof surface coverage is high, and the roof receives and reflects less light, which will affect the power generation gain on the back. At the same time, the statistical cycle is mainly concentrated in the winter. The annual power generation gain of the double-sided module has the periodic characteristics of high in summer and low in winter, which makes the overall power generation gain in the statistical cycle is low. It is expected that the annual power generation gain of this double-sided project can still reach 15 % the above.

Longi double-glass solar modules can bring higher investment returns for flat roof photovoltaic owners with significant power generation gains. In 2019, a new Hi-MO4 double-sided module using M6 silicon wafers was launched, with a maximum power of up to 450W. In addition to the high back-side power generation gain, the Hi-MO4 module's ultra-high power can further reduce the installation and support of rooftop power stations , Cables, and other costs, thereby increasing the return on investment of distributed photovoltaic power plants.

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