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Competition for the global 117GW market cake, inverter competition spread to the international fire

In 2018, there will be about 106 GW new photovoltaic equipments in the world, and the market demand of photovoltaic inverters will keep increasing accordingly. Over 5GW demand markets include China, the United States, India and Japan. China accounts for about 40% of the global market, and the four major markets account for 70% of the global demand. The Asia-Pacific region is still the hottest photovoltaic demand market, with three markets in the top four countries.

On July 9, ABB Switzerland, the former giant of photovoltaic inverters, officially announced on its official website that it would withdraw from the business of photovoltaic inverters.

Bluesun's latest inverters, including 30 KW inverters, 50 KW inverters and 100 KW inverters, are in hot sales.

From the product price point of view, as the traditional photovoltaic market tends to stabilize or even decline, the competition of inverters in the traditional market is intensified. At the same time, due to the fluctuation of China's market policy, the pace of Chinese inverters'going to sea is accelerating, and more and more Chinese enterprises with cost advantages are participating in the competition of emerging markets. The global competition of photovoltaic inverters is becoming more and more fierce.

In terms of key markets, the United States is the second largest demand market after China in 2018. Inverter suppliers are still dominated by European brands SMA, Power Eetoie and Sor Edge.

It is worth pointing out that China's inverters have taken the lead in Mexico, Brazil and other Latin American markets, accounting for more than 48%. Influenced by the decline of China's market size, enterprises focusing on the domestic market have declined to a certain extent in terms of their shipment size and market share. On the contrary, companies focusing on and developing overseas markets such as Sunshine Power, Jinlang Technologies and other companies have increased their shipments rapidly.

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